7 Common Dental Problems You Didn't Know Were Emergencies

7 Common Dental Problems You Didn't Know Were Emergencies

May 01, 2021

People see dental issues differently. To some, there is no dental emergency about as long as the affected area doesn’t hurt too much. Some only consider an oral issue an emergency if they see a gush of blood. Meanwhile, some see the slightest discomfort as an emergency and opt for emergency dentistry near them.

Several common dental issues seem benign but are more serious than they appear.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is the dental care you receive when there is an urgent need for it. Usually, dental clinics have their protocols, including opening and closing hours. Meanwhile, emergency dentistry is assessable when an unforeseen dental accident or discomfort occurs regardless of the incident’s time.

You can access an emergency dentist in Brooklyn, New York, even on holidays for treatment. Also, an emergency dentist near you can perform on-the-road treatment for various kinds of dental emergencies.

The Common Dental Emergencies

Dental issues are not all the same. Some may seem malignant, whereas they are not. The sure way to ascertain the severity of a dental issue is to consult an emergency dentist in Brooklyn, New York, for a checkup. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, don’t hesitate to see an emergency dentist near you.

Cavities. Also known as tooth decay, cavities are perhaps the most common dental disease in the U.S. alone. Cavities are caused by a buildup of plaque in the mouth which can be detected early by an emergency dentist near you. Plaques are formed due to the excessive intake of sugary foods like candy bars, cakes, and sugary drinks. Tooth decay starts when a person starts to develop teeth. This means that children can have tooth decay as well as adults.

Not only are cavities caused by sugary foods, but adults also get cavities through long spells of dry mouths. Preventing tooth decay is possible if you observe proper dental hygiene regularly. Regardless of your dental hygiene methods, you should see a dentist near Brooklyn, New York, for further checkups.

Dental trauma. This dental emergency is caused by a blow to the mouth, teeth, or gum that causes excruciating pain. Dental trauma is a serious problem that your dentist in Brooklyn, NY, must assess immediately. If not taken to an emergency dentist near you in time, it could result in major health complications.

Accidents are the biggest causes of trauma. Also, sports like hockey and boxing can lead to dental trauma. Every dental trauma case should be taken to an emergency dentist near Brooklyn, NY, for proper care.

Excessive bleeding. Most people would see excessive bleeding from the mouth, gum, or teeth as an emergency. However, others like to play it down. Excessive bleeding due to sports, accidents, or self-inflicted injuries can be a sign of worse things to come.

Firstly, excessive bleeding means you are losing blood. If not treated as an emergency, it could lead to shock, fainting, or death. The moment you observe bleeding from your mouth or teeth, visit a dentist near you immediately.

Teeth sensitivity. Another common dental issue is the sensitivity of the teeth. This affects many people and can be hereditary. Tooth sensitivity is the sharp pain you experience when you consume hot or cold food and drinks. While it is manageable, tooth sensitivity can be caused by a dental disease which can be dangerous if it spreads. For this reason, this dental emergency must be checked by an emergency dentist in Brooklyn, NY, to save the teeth.

Oral cancer. Not all dental issues directly affect the teeth. This dental emergency comes in the form of throat and mouth cancer. It causes lumps and sores to build up in these areas. Also, Chewing tobacco and smoking are some of the biggest causes of oral cancer. It makes chewing and swallowing painful. Seek emergency dentistry near Brooklyn, NY, if you notice any of these symptoms.

Gingivitis and Periodontitis. These are gum diseases that cause much discomfort. One major cause of this infection is dangerous habits like smoking. It causes loss of the tooth (or teeth) in adults. Gum disease is linked to heart disease. If you notice symptoms like swollen or bleeding gums and bad breath, opt for emergency dentistry in Brooklyn, NY, today.

Broken teeth. This dental emergency is perhaps the most harmless, in people’s opinion. However, broken teeth can be an indication of something worse. Broken teeth would leave spaces for bacteria to penetrate the root canal and cause diseases. Many people live with broken teeth (or tooth) as it doesn’t cause them pain. Visit a dentist in Brooklyn, NY, if it causes pain or not.

Emergency dentistry saves more than just the affected teeth; it saves lives. In case of an emergency, don’t hesitate to see your emergency dentist immediately.

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