8 Benefits of Dental Veneers

8 Benefits of Dental Veneers

Oct 01, 2020

From chipped to misshapen teeth, there are a lot of flaws that veneers can cover. The cosmetic procedure comes with several benefits that make it a popular procedure. At New Leaf Dental, our dentist near you will examine you and help determine if this is a suitable treatment option for you. In this article, we had an in-depth look at some of the benefits associated with these restorations.

1.Simple and Easy

Veneers are tooth-colored shells that are adhered to the front part of your front teeth to improve their appearance. They could be used on discolored, chipped, misshapen or unevenly-spaced teeth. Veneers bear a close resemblance to your natural teeth and do not stain easily. These restorations can correct major flaws without needing any complex procedures.

2.Natural Appearance

Yes, we know that getting veneers fixed could take several appointments, but hold on! You will love the results. First, it is important to know that veneers are manufactured in a laboratory, so your first visit will involve the dentist taking your teeth impressions. Next, the dentist sends them to the laboratory where veneers are created to match your enamel and natural teeth contour.

From the lab, the devices are placed in your mouth with the dentist sculpting every overlay precisely to form a natural-looking smile. The veneers are tailored to fit with your style and facial symmetry. After placement, the dental veneers will feel like a permanent part of you, so you won’t feel uncomfortable. They will also be hardly noticeable, therefore giving you a natural look.

3.Minimally Invasive

Compared to other restorative dentistry procedures, veneers are considered less invasive. Why? During tooth preparation, the dentist only removes a tiny bit of your tooth structure. Afterward, they use a special cement to anchor it in position. As your dentist does this, they also make adjustments to the color and size so you get your desired results.

Besides, you won’t have to be put under and you can see the results immediately the procedure is complete.


Unlike other restorations that could need regular replacement, veneers are built to last. When it comes to resisting staining and decay, natural teeth are no match to these restorations. This is made possible by their non-porous nature. The enamel on the other hand is porous and therefore weaker. Veneers can last over a decade if you properly take care of them.


Dental veneers in Brooklyn come with a low maintenance factor. You need not adopt any special routines as they are now part of your teeth and should be cared for like normal teeth. Ensure you brush at least twice daily: early in the morning and before bedtime. Also, do not ignore bi-annual visits to the dental clinic.

6.A Solid Teeth Whitening Alternative

People who go for teeth whitening have to retouch once yearly and that sucks! This is where veneers come in. They are a great alternative to teeth whitening as unlike natural teeth, they resist staining. This way, you won’t have to make regular trips to the dentist to get them whitened. You can now see how this option not only saves you time but also money. Imagine what a combination of veneers and teeth whitening could do!

7.Replacement for Lost Enamel

Although the enamel is a very strong part of the tooth structures, it can erode. Aggressive brushing of the teeth, acid reflux disease, or very acidic foods could wear it out. Once it is done, the process isn’t reversible. Besides offering a durable restoration procedure, dental veneers in 11214 also replace the enamel in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


Most patients that get dental veneers in Bensonhurst agree that their veneers are worth the investment because of their versatility. Their roles range from teeth whitening to orthodontic camouflage and replacement of the enamel. When you have them fixed, you are signing up for all these benefits in addition to the aesthetic enhancements they bring. Although you will have to part with more money, there will be no disappointments. Immediately after the treatment, you will experience a boost in your self-confidence and wear your smile more often. Do not hide your smile anymore. Get dental veneers near you today.

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