At New Leaf Dental in Brooklyn, NY, we don’t expect you to pay out of pocket for the care or services that we provide, especially in emergencies. We understand that life happens, and we want to make sure that a solution is always open to you. As a result, we accept many forms of payment and most insurance plans. This way, you can look and feel your best at all times without worrying about paying right away.

Payment Plans

We work alongside the CareCredit® and Lending Club to provide you with payment plan options for your needs. These options will allow you, if you qualify, to make payments on your rendered service fees rather than having to pay a large sum upfront. These payments can be made over periods of 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. Whichever option fits best into your lifestyle is the one we will attempt to negotiate with you.

CareCredit® works like a credit card to be used for your healthcare needs. It can be used to cover copayments as well as additional procedures that may not be covered by your insurance company. Lending Club Patient Solutions works more like a personal loan, and are unsecured loans that will allow you to pay for any services you require.


We will accept most insurance providers, but you should feel free to call and verify ahead of your appointment to be sure that we accept your provider and your specific plan, whether it be through your employer or otherwise.

New Leaf Dental does not, however, accept capitation payments or plans. We also do not accept Medicaid plans. If you use either of these options under normal circumstances, you can apply for CareCredit® or Lending Club to cover the cost of your visit with our office and specialists.

Medicare Part B does cover certain costs for surgery. It’s important that patients check their Part B deductible to determine their payment amount before Medicare takes over the cost. In addition, patients should consult with the financial office and Medicare site about any co-payment costs in addition to the deductible.

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In Brooklyn, NY, New Leaf Dental is the best place to receive your dental care. We will work with you regardless of your financial situation and can assure you that you will leave with a perfectly bright smile.

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