How Mouth Guards Prevent Dental Injuries

How Mouth Guards Prevent Dental Injuries

Mar 01, 2022

If we take the proper steps to prioritize our dental health and safety, we will prevent or reduce the chances of developing dental damages, especially with mouth guards. As strong as our teeth feel, they’re prone to damage by external factors. That is why we must take precautions to protect them. Let us see how mouthguards work to prevent injuries to our mouths.

Mouthguards or mouth protectors are protective dental devices worn inside the mouth to reduce the severity and damages of an accident on the dental structure. It helps to keep the structures inside the mouth safe by lessening the risks of cracked teeth and other injuries on the gums, tongue, lips, and other parts of the oral cavity.

According to researchers, when an injury affects the dental structure, it damages the top teeth more because they are more protruded than the lower teeth. That is the reason why most athletes wear mouth guards. If you are a fan of boxing games or wrestling, you will notice that the wrestlers often wear protective mouth guards. That is to reduce or minimize the extent of damage that a heavy blow to the face can inflict.

Types Of Mouth Guards

Stock Mouth Guards: They are the cheapest mouth guards and get from the store. They come in different sizes. There are chances that you might not get the exact size that fits your mouth correctly. However, you can obtain them quickly.

Boil & Bite Mouth Guards: Boil & bite mouth guards might fit the mouth better, unlike stock mouth guards. They are often absorbed in boiled water and worn to fit according to the shape of the mouth. You can get boil & bite mouth guards from stores as well.

Custom-made Mouth Guards: Compared to stock and boil & bite mouth guards, custom-made mouthguards in Brooklyn, NY are the best. You can get one at the dentist’s office after taking the exact measurements of your dental structure. They fit better because dentists make them especially for you. They are also more durable and comfortable because they don’t slip away.

How To Care For Your Mouth Guards

To maintain the effectiveness of your mouthguard, you have to care for it properly. At New Leaf Dental – Brooklyn, NY, we provide the best custom-made mouthguards, and we also ensure that you get the right tips on how to care for your mouth guards and maintain good dental health.

Here are ways to maintain your mouth guards:

  • Always wash your mouth guards before using them and after using them with a brush and fluoride-based toothpaste. This prevents your teeth from getting infected from the germs inside the mouth guard.
  • You can also use mild soap and water to wash the mouth guard often.
  • Ensure to visit your dentist with your mouthguard for checkups. During the dental checkup, you can get a thorough cleaning for your mouthguard from your dentist too. You can see a dentist near you for dental examinations.
  • Always store your mouth guards carefully to prevent bacteria from accumulating inside them. You can keep them inside a ventilated container.
  • Make sure you check out for cracks or breakages before using your mouthguard. If the mouth guard is damaged, it won’t be able to protect your teeth adequately, resulting in teeth damage if an accident occurs. If your previous mouthguard is damaged, you can get a new mouthguard from our dentist in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Do not soak your mouthguard in hot water for too long or leave it under the sun.
  • Keep your mouth guards away from pets. Please do not allow your pets to chew on them.

A mouthguard is necessary if you or your child participates in contact or non-contact sports. You wouldn’t be able to chew, speak, or smile if you didn’t have your teeth, which is why keeping them healthy is so important. Did you know that traumatic tooth injuries can take a long time to heal? Wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth from long-term problems and costly dental work in the future.

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