Jun 01, 2021

A night guard or a dental night guard is a device designed to protect the mouth. It covers the teeth and gums to help protect the teeth, lips, gums, and jaw from any injury that occurs when the teeth clench each other.

Mouthguards in NY are used for different reasons. They can be seen in the mouth of sportsmen who engage in contact sports, they are also used as a treatment for a medical condition called Bruxism or TMD. Dentists also used mouth guards in 11214 to treat people who have tooth bleaching problems or sleep apnea. As a result of its multiple-use, mouth guards in Brooklyn can be called different names like mouth protectors, bite plane, gumshield, nightguard, occlusal splint, etc so do not get confused when you hear a different name if you want to purchase mouth guards in Brooklyn, NY.

While sleeping some people tend to clench or chew their teeth, this unconscious activity is not only healthy but can cause severe pain when such people wake up and can also damage the teeth and jaw. Such people are said to suffer from Bruxism and mouth guards have come in handy as help for these people. The cause of bruxism is yet to be discovered although some experts believe that stress, anxiety, alcohol, cigarette, caffeine, and some other factors could cause bruxism. While the cause(s) cannot be confirmed, the symptoms – teeth grinding, tiredness even after sleeping, sore in the jaw and the face as a whole – are very easy to spot. Bruxism when mild can be less harmful, however, when it becomes consistent, then there is a need for action.

For bruxism and sleep apnea patients, the work of a nightguard is to prevent them from clenching their teeth. These guards are come in between both teeth and if there is an attempt to bite the teeth, the night guard helps to make the teeth comfortable and also protects the teeth enamel. The same goes for sportsmen and women that make use of night guards, the only difference is that they do not have a medical condition and they do not use it at night.

You do not need a prescription to get a nightguard, you can walking into a pharmacy to purchase it without a prescription from a specialist. It can also be ordered from online stores. There are two classifications of night guards, classification based on how they are fitted into the mouth and classification based on your personal need.

Classification Based on Fittings

There are four different ways that you can classify night guards based on how they fit.

  • One-size-fits-all: These are the cheapest kinds of night guards, but they are not usually custom-made which means the guards could be bigger, small, or perfectly fitted.
  • Boil and bite: For this, the night guard is dropped in boiling water, after a while the guard is removed and bitten to replicate the pattern of the teeth.
  • Online: These kinds of night guards are purchased online as the name implies, then the company requests for an impression of your teeth. After sending them the impression, they send a customized mouth guard.
  • Laboratory: This is the best of all. Your dentist takes an impression of your tooth and sends it to a laboratory, then the laboratory makes a perfectly fitted mouthguard.

Classification Based on Need

Based on the condition of the person using it, night guards are classified into three

  • Soft: This type of night guard provides the most comfort among night guards. As the name suggests, it is usually soft so it does not last long and it costs less than any other night guard.
  • Dual Laminate: This night guard is designed for bruxism patients whose condition is still moderate. It is soft inside, hard outside, and lasts longer than soft night guards.
  • Hard: This kind of night guard is used for severe cases of bruxism because it is hard and lasts long. It keeps the teeth in their place although it might be uncomfortable to use. This guard requires a perfect impression so it is usually gotten by a dentist.

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