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Reasons for Children to Visit a Pedodontist

Pedodontists commonly referred to as pediatric dentists are qualified dental professionals for meeting the dental needs of infants, toddlers, school-age children, and adolescents. These Brooklyn dental professionals need to undertake an additional two or three years of specific training dedicated to children after fulfilling the requirements of dental school.

Besides acquiring dental training, pediatric dentists also study child psychology. Education enables them to communicate with children effectively, gently, and non-threateningly.

It is recommended by the American Academy of pediatric dentistry that children must be taken to a pediatric dentist approximately six months after their first tooth erupts or by age 1. The requirement may seem early, but six-monthly preventive dental appointments are necessary for excellent oral health.

Why Should Parents Take Children to a Pediatric Dentist?

Parents must prefer a pediatric dentist near me over their family dentist for the following reasons:

  • They can ask questions about ongoing or new issues.
  • They can discover how to begin a no tears oral care program from home.
  • They can understand how to implement strategies for oral injury prevention from home.
  • They can find out whether the child is at risk for developing dental caries.
  • They can collect information about extinguishing bad oral habits like thumbsucking and others.
  • The child can receive preventive treatments like fluorides and sealants.
  • Parents can receive reports about how the child’s jaws and teeth are developing.
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How Does the Pediatric Dentist Help Children?

Pediatric dentists have colorful offices that are fun and child friendly. Children also have dental phobia, and therefore it is essential for them to feel comfortable and trusting at the dentist’s office from the onset. The pediatric dental care in Brooklyn, NY, focuses on different forms of oral care, some of which are mentioned below:

Prevention. A most prevalent childhood problem is tooth decay. Fortunately, the problem is entirely preventable, and besides providing advice relating to home care, the pediatric dentist can provide fluoride and sealant treatments for protecting the enamel of the tooth and minimizing the risk of cavities.

Early Detection. X-rays, examinations, and computer modeling enable pediatric dentistry in Brooklyn, NY, to foretell impending oral problems. Some of the examples are bruxism, malocclusion, and jaw irregularities. In many cases, beginning treatment early can help to achieve the best outcomes.

Education. In any pediatric practice, education plays an important role. The pediatric dentist can convince the child on the importance of daily oral hygiene while also advising parents on toothpaste selection, diet, thumb-sucking cessation, and an extensive range of related topics.

Updates. Pediatric dentists have information about the latest advances in the field of dentistry. For instance, a naturally occurring substitute of sugar xylitol has recently been identified as a protectant against cavities, tooth decay, and bacteria in young teeth. Children that are not visiting the dentist regularly miss out on general information and knowledge about new diagnostic procedures.

How Can Parents Decide on the Difference between a Family Dentist and Pediatric Dentist?

In the first place, parents must overcome their misconception that children do not need specialized attention from a pediatric dentist because their teeth are expected to fall out soon. The pediatric dental professional is the best around to care for children’s teeth from infancy until adolescence.

Providing children with the education they need about oral hygiene is significant because it helps them to carry forward the habits throughout their lives. Preventive fluoride and sealant treatments will inhibit their susceptibility to dental caries while strengthening their enamel at the same time. Early detection of any problems in the child’s mouth will result in treatments being provided to ensure the healthy development of the teeth and growth of the jaw.

Children as young as two years old are presently undergoing root canal therapy because of the prevalence of dental caries. A pediatric dentist can detect the presence of dental caries in the early stages and prevent its progression by treating the child promptly.

This discussion is not to suggest family dentists are incapable of attending to children. However, research conducted among 1500 family dentists has revealed that they preferred not to handle children because they hadn’t received the necessary training. Pediatric dentists or pedodontists are specialists in treating the dental problems experienced by children. Parents must understand they are investing in their child’s oral and overall health by visiting a pediatric dentist for their child’s dental requirements.

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