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When Do You Need a Crown and How Does It Help?

Dental crowns are commonly recommended as tooth restorations and come in handy in a number of situations. If your dentist has suggested that you get one, you may be wondering about whether you really need one.

Crowns can be compared to dental caps, and these work to effectively improve the functionality and strength of your tooth. They’re very popular due to their durability and affordability; with proper aftercare, they can last for years.

We, at New Leaf Dental, evaluate your problem and discuss various alternatives before recommending the best one for you. Patients in Brooklyn, NY, trust us for premium dental care that you can pay for with flexible payment options.

Useful Information about Dental Crowns

Cracked or chipped teeth can make it painful to bite down on food. This is usually an ongoing problem because, unlike a broken bone, a chipped tooth cannot heal itself. In such cases, a dental crown is extremely effective to protect the tooth and reduce pain.

At times, the crack or chip is vertical and may go down all the way down to your gumline. For some patients, the crack may continue below the gumline and may require a full-length crown for added protection.

Our experienced dental team at New Leaf Dental will recommend the best solution for your requirement and will also provide you with aftercare tips.

There is a lot of difference between actual cracks in the teeth and ‘craze lines.’ Craze lines are not cracks, and they often appear on adult teeth. These do not cover a crown but can be treated with teeth whitening procedures.

Delaying treatment may result in the lengthening of the crack and put the tooth at risk. If the crack becomes too long, you may need crown lengthening or root canal treatment. Drop in at our office in Brooklyn, NY, for a thorough dental exam and cleaning at the earliest. Regular dental exams help identify potential problems on time.

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