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Accidents and problems like toothaches don’t adhere to a schedule, so if you have a dental issue on a Saturday, you may wonder where you can call for help. While there are dentists that specialize in emergency dentistry, you may not want to go see a stranger regarding your teeth. Fortunately, you won’t need too.

Accessing an Emergency

While a dentist is not going to classify every toothache an emergency, they may classify some dental problems without pain as a symptom of an emergency. What is the difference, what constitutes a dental emergency?

In many cases, if blood accompanies pain from a tooth, then you should see a dentist as soon as possible. Many of our best dentists at New Leaf Dental have emergency dental appointments available at night and on the weekends in Brooklyn, NY.

If you’re not sure what is wrong constitutes an emergency, then call our number and speak to a dentist. They should be able to advise you about coming in immediately or waiting until normal operating hours to examine the tooth.

Emergency Symptoms

Aside from pain with bleeding, some of the other symptoms that should prompt you to head to an emergency dentist are:

  • A broken tooth – If you have the piece that broke off, the dentist may be able to save the tooth, but it needs attention right away.
  • Loose teeth – Adult teeth shouldn’t be loose, so if yours is, and you’re in pain, contact one of our dentists at New Leaf Dental in Brooklyn, NY, to visit them at night or on the weekend for help.
  • Infection in the mouth – If you have an abscess or you spot a white or yellowish lump on your gums that feels soft, go to the dentist. An infection in your mouth could easily move into your bloodstream.
  • Bloody mouth – Bleeding from the mouth is an emergency unless you know the source of the blood. If you cut your lip or if you bit your tongue, then you may need a physician instead of a dentist.

If you or one of your children has an emergency involving their teeth, don’t hesitate to visit an emergency dental clinic to seek help. Don’t waste time trying to decide whether to go, so read these symptoms to learn when a dental issue is a dental emergency.

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