Emergency Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

Suffering from a dental problem and not sure whether it’s an emergency or not? At New Leaf Dental in Brooklyn, NY, sometimes patients call us in distress about mild problems that don’t require urgent attention. We also get patients who come to us a couple of days after a problem arises because they didn’t think it was an emergency when it was.

Knowing what qualifies an emergency can help an emergency dentist near you save damaged teeth before it’s too late. Alternatively, knowing when something isn’t an emergency helps ease your nerves and allows us to form a suitable plan for treatment.

Is it an Emergency?

In dentistry, there aren’t many emergencies. At New Leaf Dental, we realize that identifying them and separating them from other dental issues can be hard. Toothaches are distressing, and none of us can tolerate them, but do they count as emergencies? They usually don’t.

To know whether or not your problem is an emergency, ask yourself a few questions:

Is the tooth loose, or did it completely detach from your mouth? If the answer is yes, then it’s an emergency, and you need to call us as soon as possible to set up an appointment. We might be able to salvage the tooth before it’s too late.

Do you have a fever, along with a bad smell or swelling of the face? These are signs of a severe infection that needs prompt treatment. If you experience throbbing pain, then you might have an abscess, and you need immediate care.

Is the pain or bleeding severe and uncontrollable? A lot of things can lead to intractable pain or bleeding. Upon experiencing one, or both, of these then you should book an immediate appointment with us so we can identify the cause and manage it.

Value of Time

Promptly dealing with a loose or knocked-out tooth can allow us to put it back in its place. Doing so will save us from having to replace it with an artificial tooth using a bridge or an implant. Additionally, leaving infections without treatment can have severe consequences for the entire body.

Finally, intractable bleeding and pain are very distressing. Bleeding in significant amounts for a long period is terrible for the body. Discovering the reason and treating it can have a positive impact on your overall health. At New Leaf Dental, we offer urgent dental care.

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