Mouth Guards in Brooklyn, NY

Custom mouth guards can treat bruxism, sleep apnea, and help reduce snoring. At New Leaf Dental, we create custom mouth guards that fit your unique set of teeth and dental needs.

Night-time Mouth Guards

Bruxism, or grinding of the teeth, can damage teeth and cause tooth loss, headaches, and other complications. Our New Leaf Dental dentists may ask you questions during a regular checkup based on what they see during an examination to diagnose you with bruxism.

Common symptoms of bruxism include tight jaw muscles, a feeling of soreness in the jaw, neck, or face, dull temple headaches, and tooth pain. If you are experiencing any of the above or a family member can hear you grinding in the night, you should see our expert dentists at New Leaf Dental.

Using an impression of your teeth that is sent to a lab, we can create custom nightguards to help stop teeth from being affected by grinding and reduce pressure on the jaw. If not properly taken care of, bruxism can lead to further complications, which will require more expensive treatment to correct.

Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleeplessness may be signs of obstructive sleep apnea. While our dental team cannot diagnose sleep apnea on our own, we can send you home with a sleep study that can be sent to your primary physician. Only medical doctors can officially diagnose you with sleep apnea. However, we can treat sleep apnea once it has been diagnosed using oral appliance therapy.

Working with your doctor, New Leaf Dental can create a custom-fitting mouthguard that allows you to breathe easily and rest well. They are much more comfortable than CPAP machines and do not interfere with your sleep. If your sleep is being interrupted nightly or you are often snoring, visit our Brooklyn, NY dental office for a consultation.

Mouth Guards Near You

If night-time mouth issues are a recurring problem, New Leaf Dental in Brooklyn, NY has the solutions in the form of mouth guards. Mouth guards at our dental office are custom-made to treat whichever dental problem you may be struggling with effectively. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call our dental office today.

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