Veneers in Brooklyn, NY

You can benefit from veneers if you don’t like how your teeth look or want to improve your smile. Veneers are not just a cosmetic option- they also provide real, functional benefits. For example, veneers could be useful for patients who:

  • Has slightly crooked teeth but doesn’t want to opt for braces
  • Has stained or discolored teeth that are affecting his or her smile
  • Has chipped or gray front teeth and wants to whiten them for lasting effects
  • Has thicker porcelain veneers in the past and simply wants a more aesthetic finish

For instance, if you tripped and fell down when you were a kid, you may have chipped your front tooth. Getting a veneer at our clinic in Brooklyn, NY may be the ideal solution to restore that chipped tooth.

Tell us what you don’t like about your smile or teeth, and we will work hard to make it happen. Our experienced dental team at New Leaf Dental will take into account your face, smile, location, shape, and size of the chipped or stained tooth and then make a 3-D image to help you view what the veneer will look like.

It’s not necessary to get veneers for all your teeth; you can get veneers for just a few.

Get Further Details Regarding Veneers at New Leaf Dental

The skill of the dentist plays a crucial role in how the veneer adds to your smile. Patients generally want white teeth, but this may not match the rest of your teeth if they happen to be yellow-white or gray-white.

In such cases, it’s best to get veneers that are close to the shade of your natural teeth. Modern dental software allows patients to envision their smiles after getting veneers. Once we take your dental measurements and preferences, we get a temporary veneer made.

These are usually porcelain and made of a liquid composite; they may feel slightly bulkier compared to the finished, permanent veneer.

Contact New Leaf Dental in Brooklyn, NY for more information regarding veneers, smile makeovers, and other cosmetic treatments.

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