Simple Tips to Help You Maintain Your Invisalign

Simple Tips to Help You Maintain Your Invisalign

Feb 01, 2023

Are you getting your teeth straightened to improve their appearance and the aesthetics of your smile? Have you qualified for Invisalign treatment to achieve your goal because you have mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections impacting you? The Invisalign provider would have instructed you to maintain your Invisalign treatment in an appropriate order to ensure you achieve your goal within their specified duration.

Are you clear about the Invisalign treatment process and the care needed to progress through your treatment as suggested by the dentist near you? If you aren’t, we suggest reading this article, providing you with some straightforward tips to maintain your Invisalign treatment and achieve your goal of having straighter teeth and a beautiful smile within six or 18 months.

The Invisalign Treatment Process

The Invisalign treatment process is unlike conventional orthodontics, where you visit an orthodontist to have metal brackets, wires, and bands mounted on your teeth to straighten them. Instead, the process for Invisalign is relatively straightforward, requiring you merely to assess your situation with Invisalign in Brooklyn, NY, and provide images of your mouth and teeth for the provider to get your customized dental braces created from transparent plastic from the manufacturers to start your Invisalign treatment.

Your first batch of Invisalign aligners arrives approximately three weeks after the assessment. The dentist suggests you start wearing them over your teeth immediately and replace the transparent braces every fortnight for the duration of your treatment. You receive advice from the nearby dentist to visit them every six to eight weeks to assess your progress and collect a fresh batch of aligners to continue your treatment.

The transparent braces from Invisalign and the specialty feature accompanying them can make you think you have achieved the goal of your life by seeking treatment to straighten your teeth with Invisalign. However, it helps if you understand Invisalign will only deliver the desired results if you maintain the therapy as recommended by the provider. In addition, the comfortable features of Invisalign treatment will prove detrimental to the overall results if you don’t follow your dentist’s instructions and use the aligners as disposable materials.

The Invisalign provider suggests that the aligners remain over your teeth for a minimum of 22 hours daily, indicating the braces are removable. The removable feature is to ensure you nourish yourself by having the foods you love, unlike conventional braces that restrict you from having many foods. Unfortunately, the removable part of Invisalign does not permit you to keep the aligners in your pocket instead of placing them over your teeth because the practice can delay your treatment beyond the specified timeline mentioned by the provider. Therefore if you want to achieve your goal sooner instead of later, you must adhere to your dentist’s instructions or prepare yourself for additional expenditure on extra aligners to move your teeth.

How to Maintain Hygiene after Invisalign?

Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments where the metal brackets are mounted on your teeth, Invisalign has a removable feature enabling you to remove the aligners from your teeth when eating or drinking anything but water. This remarkable feature also allows you to maintain excellent dental hygiene during the treatment without confronting the challenges of cleaning between ungainly wires and brackets.

When you remove the braces to nourish yourself, you must ensure you clean your teeth by brushing and flossing and also clean the aligners before replacing them over your teeth. Therefore you don’t have to worry about maintaining hygiene after Invisalign because the treatment allows you to brush and floss even when undergoing the therapy.

Although Invisalign therapy doesn’t saddle you with complications familiar to traditional orthodontics, the treatment requires you to clean and rinse the aligners using non-abrasive cleaning agents to remove dental plaque that accumulates on them to avoid complications like tooth decay or gum disease.

What After Competing Invisalign Therapy?

When you complete the Invisalign treatment and discard your last batch of aligners, you revisit the dentist in 11214 to evaluate your results. During the visit, the dentist suggests you wear retainers to hold your teeth in their new positions to prevent them from reverting to their original positions. You must wear the retainers throughout the day and night before the dentist suggests wearing them merely at night when sleeping. The retainers remain with you indefinitely until your teeth have stabilized to ensure you do not encounter problems with crooked and misaligned teeth all over again.

If you use the simple tips mentioned in this article, you can achieve your goal of having straighter teeth and a beautiful smile within six or 18 months, depending on the complexity of your situation and your adherence to your dentist’s instructions.

If orthodontic imperfections impact your smile and oral health, New Leaf Dental — Brooklyn, NY, provides Invisalign to correct your problems quickly and efficiently using transparent aligners that remain indistinguishable in your mouth. Consult the practice today for an assessment to start your Invisalign treatment without delay.

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