CBCT In Brooklyn NY

Dental Cone Beam Tomography or CBCT in Brooklyn, NY, is used by many dentists. At New Leaf Dental in Brooklyn, NY, we rely on these scans in several cases for more accurate imaging. Not all patients will need CBCT scans. If we think you need CBCT near you, we can just get it done in our office.

Finding a dentist in Brooklyn, NY, who has all you need can make life easier. Instead of going to multiple offices or centers for different services, we can provide you with complete care at New Leaf Dental. We’ll explain why you need a CBCT scan and its safety.

Benefits of CBCT Scans

As dentists near you, we’ll only recommend these scans if we believe they’ll be of value. A CBCT scan can show us 3D images of your teeth, jawbones, and nerves. These images are more detailed and precise than regular x-rays.

When we have more information, we can provide you with better service. Planning is the most important step before a procedure. Our dental exams are thorough, but there are things that we can’t see like bones, nerves, and other structures covered by the gums and skin. CBCT scans are comfortable and only take a few minutes.

Uses, Risks, and the Procedure

We can use CBCT scans to evaluate the structures mentioned earlier. They’re valuable when planning to place implants, remove wisdom teeth, and deal with complex root canal problems. The procedure is short. The machine’s arm will rotate around your head. All you have to do is remain still for a few minutes. No anesthesia is required as the procedure is painless, and there are no precautions to take beforehand.

The amount of radiation emitted during these scans is low. It’s safe for almost everyone. Special considerations will be taken for pregnant women and children. We prefer to avoid scanning pregnant women with CBCTs.

Results of the procedure are often read by our dentists. We have plenty of experience with reading scans. Our staff is trained and can scan you accurately. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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