The Ins and Outs of Invisalign

The Ins and Outs of Invisalign

Jul 01, 2022

A beautiful, healthy smile gives a person the confidence needed for every situation. Many people have realized the value of a fantastic smile and seek orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is a popular treatment to achieve a more beautiful smile. Continue reading for more about Invisalign in Brooklyn, NY.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that fixes various misalignment issues. The virtually invisible orthodontic trays are made of a thermoplastic material. They straighten teeth by gently moving them into the proper position over several months. Different sets of aligners are used during treatment.

Invisalign treatment is personalized using the Invisalign technology. The dentist in 11214 will work with the team of experts at Invisalign to help you achieve a perfect smile. Correcting a smile using Invisalign is an easy, fast and comfortable process with excellent results.

Why Straighten Your Smile?

The benefits of straightening teeth exceed beyond achieving a beautifully aligned smile. Orthodontic treatment is recommended by the dentist in 11214 due to its excellent benefits. For example, straightening misaligned teeth improves your appearance. Therefore, you will feel better about yourself, and your self-esteem will increase significantly.

Teeth straightening help the individual maintain good oral hygiene. Crooked or crowded teeth create a place for bacteria and plaque to hide. When plaque accumulates, the patient may have bad breath, gum disease, and cavities. Straight teeth are easy to clean well since the toothbrush and flossing thread reach all areas of the teeth.

Another tremendous benefit of straightening teeth is improved dental function. When you have a bad bite, your teeth will not come together nicely when chewing or biting. They move against each other and may lead to TMJ disorders and headaches. Eating becomes more manageable with straightened teeth. The pain and discomfort experienced previously are alleviated.

Who Can Have Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are suitable for correcting teeth with various misalignment issues. However, they are not ideal for everyone. The treatment is unsuitable if you have dentures or dental bridgework or have acute periodontal disease. Orthodontics using Invisalign in Brooklyn, NY, is suitable for:

  1. Straightforward misalignment cases

Invisalign aligners fix teeth with small gaps, overbites, underbites, crossbites, or open bites. They also correct teeth that are crowded. However, if you have complex misalignment problems, your dentist will recommend orthodontic alternatives.

  1. People who are committed to the treatment

Successful orthodontic treatment using Invisalign requires the patient’s participation and commitment. The aligners are easily removable but must be worn for 22 hours daily. In addition, its system relies on wearing the aligners as instructed. Otherwise, the treatment will not work or may take longer than necessary.

When eating or taking liquids other than cool water, you must remove the aligners to keep them from staining or warping. It is crucial to clean your mouth correctly before wearing the aligners again. They must be cleaned with the right products and stored properly to avoid loss or damage. If the patient cannot do all this, the treatment is not ideal for them.

  1. Teenagers or adults who have permanent teeth

The Invisalign process requires the patient to have only adult teeth. A dentist cannot predict how a permanent tooth will grow later. The new tooth may shift the corrected teeth or develop crookedly. It may thereby affect the alignment process and results. Therefore, you must not use Invisalign if there are any lingering baby teeth.

  1. Individuals with good oral hygiene

Good oral health and hygiene are detrimental in orthodontics with Invisalign. Your mouth must be free of disease or infections before beginning treatment. Patients with gum disease do not qualify for the treatment. The Invisalign trays are designed to fit snugly over teeth. Therefore, they easily harbor food particles and bacteria that may lead to oral health issues.

You should clean the trays at regular intervals to remove all bacteria and food debris. Your teeth and gums must be clean before inserting the aligners in place. The trays must be stored in a clean place when not in use to avoid carrying germs and bacteria. A dentist in Brooklyn, NY, will advise you on maintaining good oral hygiene when undergoing treatment with Invisalign.

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