What Steps Does the Dentist Follow for New Patient Oral Examination?

What Steps Does the Dentist Follow for New Patient Oral Examination?

Apr 01, 2023

The best thing you can do to keep up with preventive health care is to get an Initial oral exam near you. It will not only enhance dental health but general well-being also. An initial oral exam offers the dental professional a chance to detect if you have oral issues and come up with treatment choices or preventive measures.

What is an Oral Examination?

An initial oral exam in Brooklyn, NY is a procedure where the dentist will evaluate the oral health of the patient. It will include X-rays, charting, and a visual exam. After that, he/she will come up with a treatment plan that addresses the dental flaws and help achieve optimal dental health.

Steps for the Dentist While Doing Oral Examination

The process of the oral exam is as below:

Medical History

The first step includes asking the patient about the complete medical and dental history. It means if you have any existing chronic illnesses or diseases. It is essential to disclose them to the professional. This data lets the expert form a perfect dental healthcare plan customized to the patient.

Initial Oral Exam

Next, the dentist will conduct a brief examination to find issues before continuing further.


Now, the dentist will take X-rays of the teeth and gums. It helps to examine regions of the mouth that are usually invisible to the naked eye. For example, X-rays detect underlying issues, such as tumors, bone loss, decay, gum disease, etc.

Gum Teeth and Mouth Cleaning

The professional will now clean the gums, teeth, and mouth. Then, he/she will remove anything that could block the view of the dentist or damage teeth. During the cleaning step, the professional will remove the tartar and plaque from the gum lining and teeth using a scaler.

Then, the professional will polish teeth and use an electric brush and toothpaste to make the teeth appear shiny. Then, the dentist will floss and perform a fluoride treatment.

Final Inspection of Mouth

The dentist will examine dental procedures like fillings, bridges, etc. He/she will also check throat and mouth areas for the symptoms of oral cancer.

Types of Oral Examination

Below are the two types of oral examination:

Basic Exam

A standard dental examination helps the dental professional identify issues in their early stages or may also prevent other problems from occurring. The dentist will usually perform this type of exam once every six months. It includes the following steps:

Visual Examination

A visual exam is a process of evaluating the oral system of the patients visually. During tennis. The expert will pay attention to:

  • Symptoms of periodontitis.
  • Discrepancies in the tooth structure.
  • Signs of tooth decay or other damage.
  • Shade and contour of the gums.

Mouth Cleaning

Mouth cleaning is essential to eradicate the harmful build-up that may cause gum and teeth diseases.

Periodontal Probe

The professional will then use a periodontal probe to check the depth of spaces between the teeth and gums. If it is more than 3mm, it signifies periodontal disease.


A few issues cannot be visible via a simple probing and visual exam. To disclose these issues, the professional uses X-ray technology.

Comprehensive Oral Examination

A comprehensive oral exam is a full evaluation and documentation of intra-oral, soft, hard, and extraoral tissues in the mouth. It means it will include much more than the cleanings and standard checkups. It is essential to keep up with dental health.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

The dentist near you uses digital devices and software to create a clear picture of the oral system.

All-Inclusive Treatment Plan

Finally, the professional will fabricate an all-inclusive treatment plan. During this, the expert will speak about the results and goals you can expect at the end. The professional will also advise a list of treatments that help to fix your current issue. If you have worries or queries, getting an oral exam is the perfect time to address them.

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Only the dentist can help you give a correct estimate of the frequency of dental visits. An oral examination offers the dental expert an ideal chance to recommend tips to keep up with dental health.

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