What to Keep in Mind when Choosing an Emergency Dentist in Brooklyn, NY

What to Keep in Mind when Choosing an Emergency Dentist in Brooklyn, NY

May 01, 2020

A dental emergency is not something to look forward to, but it pays to stay prepared nonetheless. Having a designated emergency dentist in Bensonhurst will save you some anxiety in the event of an eventuality. Instead of worrying about where to find an emergency dentist or clinic, your primary concern will be on how to take care of yourself as you wait to get to the dentist. Trying to find a dentist during the time of an emergency can be really frustrating and time-consuming, which denies you the benefits that come with prompt response to dental emergencies. For instance, an emergency like a knocked-out tooth requires that you receive treatment within an hour to help save the tooth and prevent permanent damage.

There are a number of factors that you need to look at to help you find a reliable and suitable dentist. These include;


You need to find a dentist that you can trust as this will enable you to relax knowing you are getting good treatment. The best sources for learning about a dentist’s reputation include online reviews on Google or social media platforms. Based on what other people have to say, you can tell if that is the kind of dentist you would like working with or not. Does the dentist respond in a timely manner? Is he or she friendly?

Accessibility and Waiting Time

Time is a crucial factor in dental emergencies. You want to ensure that you get a dentist that can respond within the shortest time possible, regardless of the timing of the emergency. Most emergency dentist work extended hours depending on the needs of their patients. Find a dentist that is flexible or one with a broad range of working hours to ensure that they can attend to you anytime there is an emergency. Some dentists have a specific contact line for an emergency which makes it even more convenient for patients to call in and book a quick appointment. So, make sure to also find out how you can reach the dentist in case of a dental emergency.

Quality of Care and Facilities

The equipment used, the ambiance of the clinic, and how the staff cares for a patient can all positively impact the outcome of emergency treatment. Get a dentist who invests in technology as well as building his skillset and that of his staff to ensure a good experience for patients.

Experience and Skills

Since you cannot predict what aspect of your dental health will be affected by an emergency, it is good to have a dentist with experience handling a wide range of issues. This makes him a reliable go-to whether it is a general dental issue or an orthodontic issue. Having knowledge of a variety of dental fields ensures you get quality and effective treatment promptly and also helps you save resources as it may not be necessary to refer to a more specialized doctor.


Find out if you may need to pay more when a dentist attends to you past their normal working hours. Also, get to know if the dentist accepts insurance.


Get an emergency dentist near you so that you do not have to drive long hours in pain or distress before getting help. New Leaf Dental in Brooklyn, NY is well equipped and skilled to handle your dental emergencies. We don’t just treat the symptoms but strive to identify the cause of your pain or distress and then give the most suitable and effective type of treatment.

Once you have identified a dentist that seems good enough for you, the next step is to pay them a visit and further evaluate them with an interview. From this personal interaction, you can conclude how well informed the person is, their ability to communicate effectively, and even their demeanor as they respond to your questions. This way you can make a confident judgment of whether the person is a good fit for your needs or not.

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